Monthly Archives: November 2013

Dreams Come True


I recently did a calligraphy piece for Linda, a long-time friend who is an Art Director by day, fantastic dolly seamstress by night, and wonder woman all-around. Linda has a line of doll couture called Lounging Linda and her work is simply sublime!

Linda’s work is so special and one-of-a-kind. She is an expert at combining rich colors and wonderful textures with a splash of glamour and retro deliciousness. And always, always, a touch of gold.

So when Linda and I got to talk about a framed art piece for her, she thought gold and burgundy would work well together for her shop tagline: “May all your dolly dreams come true.” I wholeheartedly agreed!

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The Light Shines Within


I came across the beautiful quote by American writer and poet Maya Angelou on Pinterest and knew I had to make something that expresses the sentiment. And of course, with all the vintage collectibles in the house, a styled photoshoot was in order!

I have been picking up vintage wood frames and thought this one would work perfectly. It measures 5″x7″ which would make a lovely gift or a great addition to a family gallery wall.

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Inspired by Lyrics


Maybe I’m Amazed,” one of my favorite McCartney songs.

Everyone who knows me know that I am a huge music fan. I’m especially fond of beautiful melodies with lyrics that I can really identify with. Sure, I enjoy happy music like everyone else, but songs of introspection, sadness, longing, and loss always make me stop and listen.

Inspired by the word of a few lettering artists on Tumblr, I started setting lyrics to calligraphy and lettering as practice and have been getting so much positive feedback when I shared them on Instagram and Tumblr. I’m so thankful to everyone who has been supportive with their “likes” and comments.

Here are a few more from my notebook:

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Instagram Leads to Letter-writing!


My letter to Joy (photo by Joy)


When I was in my teens, one of my favorite things to do was to write notes and send letters. I prided myself on excellent penmanship, vast collection of cute stationery and supplies, and a great, big, glorious callus on my right hand from years of writing. Of course, when email came along and became the standard of written communication, I traded my pens and pencils for my mouse and keyboard like everyone else.

I missed writing of course. There’s nothing like sitting down with a pencil in hand and a clean white sheet of paper in front of you. For some reason, expressing your thoughts via brain to hand, to pen, and then to paper feels differently than clicking away on the keyboard and seeing letters form into words and into sentences. with the physical act of writing, you compose your thoughts and organize them in a better way. So when I met fellow calligraphy/writing enthusiasts on Instagram who suggested trading envelopes, I jumped at the opportunity!

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