Photo by Winnie of Style.Shoot.Eat

I have always loved “beautiful writing.” My first exposure to calligraphy was in the sixth grade. My home room teacher had the most beautiful handwriting and taught us basic Italic Hand. I was so inspired by her that I would sit at my desk after finishing my homework and practice my cursive over and over. Since then, I have continued my love of letterforms by studying graphic design and typography, then working as a web designer and graphic designer.

I am a member of the Society for Calligraphy in Southern California. I have studied with professional calligraphers and master penmen, and often take classes and workshops to improve my skills.

After attending various workshops and conferences, the best takeaway is that calligraphy is a life-long learning experience. There are students who are already very skilled, yet still very humble and want to learn from the best. I find that extremely inspiring. I am a perpetual student and truly believe we should never stop learning to improve our craft. I have learned so much, but I have a lifetime’s worth of studying to go. Here I am documenting my learning process along the way.

Calligraphic Training

I studied with Yukimi Annand from 2011-2013.

  • Copperplate – September 2011
  • Roman Capitals – March 2012
  • Foundational Hand – September 2012
  • Italic Hand – February 2013
  • Blackletter – August 2013

Workshops and conferences attended

  • Spencerian with Michael Sull – February 2012
  • Copperplate with Pat Blair – March 2013
  • Casual Pointed Pen with Jane Shibata – March 2013
  • Pointed Pen Magic with Barbara Close – September 2013
  • Roman Capitals mini-workshop at Letters California Style with Alisara Tareekes – February 2014
  • Lettering 101 with Drew Melton at Poketo – March 2014
  • Spencerian online course with Harvest Crittenden – September 2014
  • Pointed Pen Bootcamp with DeAnn Singh – October & December 2014
  • Contemporary Pointed Pen Scripts at Letters California Style with Jane Shibata – February 2015
  • Uncial with Jane Shibata – April 2015
  • From Pointed Pen to Pointed Brush with Mike Kecseg – January 2016
  • It’s Not a Foundational with Christoper Haanes, A Show of Hands International Calligraphy Conference – June 2016
  • A Flurry of Flourishes with Pat Blair, A Show of Hands International Calligraphy Conference – June 2016 
  • The Passionate Pointed Brush with Julie Wildman – November 2016
  • A Sharp Pencil and a Keen Eye with Amity Parks – January 2017
  • Fabulous and Functional: Certificates and Scrolls Design at Letters California Style with Robbie Saslow – February 2017
  • Florals, Foliates & The Flourished Envelope online course with Phyllis Macaluso – March 2017
  • Pointed Brush with Yves Leterme – June 2017
  • Masterclass with Sheila Waters and Julian Waters – August 2017
  • Mastering Italic with Carrie Imai – August 2017 & September 2017
  • Formal Italic of the Renaissance and modern variations with Julian Waters – November 2017
  • Fraktur: Historical sources and modern variations with Julian Waters – November 2017
  • Art of Chalkboard Lettering at Letters California Style with Cora Pearl – February 2018
  • Retro Deco with Gemma Black – February 2018
  • Seattletters International Calligraphy Conference – July 2018
  • The Poetic Pen with Heather Held – September 2018