Paper & Ink Arts Instagram Takeover, Day 3: Nibs and holders

What is your preferred nib when writing broad edge scripts? When I practice Italic, my favorite nibs are Brause C and Tape – Brause is a little more stiff. Both have top reservoirs, and they are easy to clean and maintain. I use a soft-bristle toothbrush and water to clean my nibs. Make sure you keep the reservoir in a safe place when you are cleaning your nib, so it doesn’t get flushed down the drain. For practice inks, I like using no-fuss bottle inks such as Norton’s walnut ink or Higgins Eternal.

Pen holders, I find, are really up to each person’s personal preference. Some go the DIY route and make their own with dowels and some tubing, while others like the bright colors of the Manuscript holders, marbled holders by Speedball, or even holders made by talented pen artisans. As I have small hands, I prefer shorter holders, and have found the round double wooden pen holder to be my favorite.