Paper & Ink Arts Instagram Takeover, Day 7: Putting it all together

I love this quote by acclaimed American dancer Martha Graham (1894-1991). It not only applies to performance and dance, but to me, it also applies to calligraphy. Why do we keep practicing over and over again? It’s the desire to progress and invite perfection. We may never reach perfection, but to quote Sheila Waters, “the journey is more interesting than getting there.”

For this piece, before putting ink on paper, I took a close look at the quote to see how it will fit, did a quick sketch on scrap paper, then lightly penciled in my guidelines (and that includes slant lines!) on the Bugra paper. I then inked this piece with a 1.5mm Brause nib, bleedproof white, and walnut ink for the attribution. After making sure the ink is dry, I lightly dabbed the penciled guidelines with a kneaded eraser to remove them. If you are trying a paper for the first time, it’s important to test your chosen ink on it, as well as testing to see how the paper takes pencil lines and the pressure of erasing. Some delicate papers may require a gentle touch. Putting it all together takes time, but each time we practice, each time we create a piece, we learn and progress a little bit more.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed following along this week as I shared a few things on the beautiful Italic hand. Thanks to Paper & Ink Arts for inviting me for this month’s Instagram takeover! You can see more of my calligraphy posts at @LindaYoshida – thanks for being on this journey with me!