Inspired by Lyrics


Maybe I’m Amazed,” one of my favorite McCartney songs.

Everyone who knows me know that I am a huge music fan. I’m especially fond of beautiful melodies with lyrics that I can really identify with. Sure, I enjoy happy music like everyone else, but songs of introspection, sadness, longing, and loss always make me stop and listen.

Inspired by the word of a few lettering artists on Tumblr, I started setting lyrics to calligraphy and lettering as practice and have been getting so much positive feedback when I shared them on Instagram and Tumblr. I’m so thankful to everyone who has been supportive with their “likes” and comments.

Here are a few more from my notebook:


I’ll Keep It With Mine,” done while listening to Nico’s Chelsea Girls


Junk,” another McCartney song I love.


Alameda,” Elliott Smith. One of my favorite songs from his album Either/Or.


Perfect Day,” Lou Reed